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Golf Course.

Birdie's eye view

Project Description

Aerial photography and videography revealed an inspiring new angle on the Victoria Golf Club.  While golfer perspective images and video are plentiful, we were looking for more encompassing imagery to intrigue visitors and better promote this stunning sea side course.

Selecting an early spring timeframe, allowed Aerial Vista Productions to capture an eye appealing blend of flower colours and rich blue skys and ocean scenes.  Post production work took this colour combination to new hights, creating the visually stunning composition above.

The ability for rapid deployment and the lack of engine noise allowed Aerial Vista Productions to capture active shots with scenery and course in usage without disturbing the  patrons or closing the course.  This in turn allowed for a broad range of shot selections.

Project Details

  • Date September 16, 2012
  • Tags Sports, Tourism
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Aerial Pro Video uses a Cinistar 8 platform with 3-axis camera gimbal. With a MikroKopter controller board, radian stabilization and onboard FPV system, this aerial video system produces crystal clear shots.