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River Kayaking.

Keeping it dry over water

Project Description

This day of shooting was a 3rd part of a traveling sequence to be used in a comercial for a restaurant chain. The day presented many challenges, from high contrast lighting, to ever present water vapor at the location. A big thanks to the UVic Kayak club for providing the subjects of these stunning sequence of shots.

The video above presents the top 5 shots collected from the 1/2 day of shooting. Without lugging and assembling a boom system at the water’s edge, only the multi-rotor video platform like the Cinestar 8 octocopter is capable of carrying a high quality camera into and over this hostile environment.


Project Details

  • Date January 3, 2013
  • Tags Sports
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Aerial Pro Video uses a Cinistar 8 platform with 3-axis camera gimbal. With a MikroKopter controller board, radian stabilization and onboard FPV system, this aerial video system produces crystal clear shots.