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Cinematic Effect.

A new angle for the audience

Project Description

This sequence was shot for dramatic effect. While we’re not going to provide any background on who the main subject is, or why they don’t look like they belong on a towering trestle, the viewing angles are nothing less than stunning. Not only are all of the shots visually appealing, they would be impossible with either a boom system or even a conventional helicopter. The bridge lays in a steep valley unsuitable for manned aircraft.

The range of motion available to the aerial video platform provides almost limitless potential in what are traditionally unavailable places. This particular shoot involved 4 crew, 1 subject and 2 hours time — nothing else can compare.

Here is a link to the web commercial created by Innovate Imageworks that used our footage to create a video that went viral with 60,000 views in the first few weeks.

You can also get a behind the scenes view of how this commercial came together:

Project Details

  • Date November 18, 2012
  • Tags Film Industry
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Aerial Pro Video uses a Cinistar 8 platform with 3-axis camera gimbal. With a MikroKopter controller board, radian stabilization and onboard FPV system, this aerial video system produces crystal clear shots.