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Project Description

Aerial Vista Productions is able to provide aerial real estate photography and video to take your development promotional or simple MLS listing to new heights.  Impossible to capture vantages become possible from the air, lifting over obscuring landscape and neighbours to reveal new perspectives that truly put your property in context.

Aerial video is a fantastic way to illustrate what a balcony view will look like from an incomplete multi-story high rise, or a how a new townhouse complex with common area amenities, fits into it’s surrounding neighbourhood.

Aerial Real Estate Photography

Real Estate listings for that special property can be enhanced with an aerial view of the buildings, landscape and surrounding area.  Aerial Vista Productions can also provide aerial photography of development sites for planning purposes and zoning proposals at a fraction of the cost to rent conventional aircraft.  Multi-story exterior building and roof inspections can also be aided through the use of high definition photography or even video.

Panoramic 360° balcony view depictions via Aerial photography

Even before your development company breaks ground for that new 30 story condo, we can kick start your sales engine with aerial view studies taken at a number of heights. These aerial pictures can be further used to create 360° panoramic tours to give your potential clients confidence in their investment.

Aerial Photos of properties

Aerial Real Estate Photo 1 Aerial Real Estate Photo 2

Aerial Real Estate Photo 3 Aerial Real Estate Photo 4




Project Details

  • Date December 3, 2012
  • Tags Real Estate
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Aerial Pro Video uses a Cinistar 8 platform with 3-axis camera gimbal. With a MikroKopter controller board, radian stabilization and onboard FPV system, this aerial video system produces crystal clear shots.