TV shows & Films Using Drones in 2016

It’s official, drones are transforming the face of film and television production. From nature shows to action films, drones are fast becoming the go-to aerial photography solution, proving you simply don’t need the hassle and expense of helicopters anymore! Here are X TV shows and films using drones in 2016:

Planet Earth II

The BBC have brought out the big guns with their latest revamp, a return of the ground-breaking documentary series Planet Earth, fronted once again by Sir David Attenborough. It uses 4k standard film quality and incredible drone footage to capture the wonder of nature across the globe, giving audiences the chance to experience natural landscapes and backdrops as if they were soaring above with the birds.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

In Sky One’s Stan Lee’s Lucky Man drones are used to much more eerie effect, as producers captured the image of a lifeless body lying on the banks of the river Thames. Drones are particularly handy for this type of shot due to their ability to get lower to the ground and create less air disturbance than a helicopter. But that’s not the only time drones have been featured in the series, SkyPower has used the technique for indoor shots and boat race action.

Holby City

Even the most ordinary moments can be uncovered with more interest thanks to drone filming. Holby City has used drone shots to reveal the wider context of a scene or to best capture the movement of simple directions like a character running up a flight of stairs.

Top Gear

What better way to follow the dramatic yet elegant image of a fast car winding across dramatic mountain tops? Top Gear’s latest series uses drones to great effect, creating a further sense of majesty and awe toward both man and nature.

The Huntsman Winter’s War

It may not have received rave reviews, but drone enthusiasts will be interested in taking a look at the drone footage used in this twist on the Snow White fairy tale starring Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, and Kristen Stewart.

Captain America: Civil War

If you want to see how Hollywood blockbusters are using drones this year, look no further than Captain America: Civil Warwhich uses drone footage as recorded by Pictorvision. Since the film’s plot features the use of drones in warfare, it’s an obvious choice to use UAVs for real to capture the action from above.

While these mainstream hits are leading the way with their drone use, the further excitement lies in the potential for aspiring filmmakers and TV producers who can now get their hands on the same kit as used by the best producers in the TV industry and Hollywood.

No longer do you need an extreme budget to get dramatic aerial footage to enhance both storytelling and on-screen action – it’s accessible to everyone. Whether you go DIY, purchase drone stock footage, or hire a professional drone operator it’s possible to get the shots you want.