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    5 Ways Aerial Photography Will Boost Your Real Estate Marketing

    Give those interested more insight

    Selling a home is an emotive business. It requires a potential customer being moved to the point of longing to make a life-changing decision and huge purchase! The purpose of an estate agent is to give a customer insight into what it would be like to live in a property. And a successful agent goes above and beyond letting them know the specifications of room size and where the local transport links are. Effective real estate marketing helps set the scene for their clients, and aerial photography can do this by presenting new angles of a property, inside and out.

    It’s fantastic for showing wannabe buyers the potential of the surrounding areas too – from how close the local school is, to the wonderful landscapes which may be a short drive away.

    Increase house viewings

    Few people buy a house without full examining it in person, so the number one aim for real estate marketers (before the sale) is to get people to view the property. The higher the number of viewings, the faster the sale. And as aerial photography helps give brochure browsers a new perspective of a property, it significantly increases your chances of converting people into those who book a viewing.

    Grow followers

    If you want to grow your real estate business, shareable media is crucial for spreading the word and your available properties. Beautiful aerial photography and video are something social medias will be happy to share (which they inadvertently do when they simply ‘like’ what they see on Facebook).

    The greater quality video and media content you can use in your real estate marketing, the easier it will be to grow your followers and increase engagement with what you do. Leading to both more sales and more sellers.

    More serious viewers, and a quicker sale

    Nobody wants to waste their time seeing a property that just isn’t right for them. And it’s certainly a grievance of those who are selling their home when inappropriate viewers walk through the door. Aerial photography adds another element to help potential buyers get to know a property before they book a viewing. The more detail you can give, the better suited a viewer will be when they see a property in the flesh.

    Ultimately, better-suited buyers mean a quicker sale.

    Get you more clients

    As an estate agent, you can guarantee if you offer quality aerial photography as part of your marketing mix then you will increase the number of people who want to sell with you. Putting your home on the market is a serious life move, and the majority of sellers have not taken the choice lightly. The faster they can sell the better, and aerial photography clearly boosts the likelihood people will take an interest and book a viewing of their home.