Union and Non-Union Film Set Work in Victoria

drone crew on union set

The last couple years has brought a resurgence of big film productions to Victoria, BC. We  have seen numerous Hallmark MOW’s, several Netflix and a few independent TV series make their home base in Victoria. With 3 full 100+ person crews, Victoria is able to Cater to three big productions at the same time.

As a ICG669 Union Drone Pilot union member, we at Aerial Vista have been fortunate enough to be invited to film the aerial perspectives with our drones on nearly all the Hallmark movies, Hollywood movies and a couple of Netflix specials that have come to Vancouver Island including Super Pups, Phantom Pups and Scaredy cats!

We bring 12 years of drone videography and flying experience to the table including multiple projects on big film sets, Nat Geo, BBC, wildlife documentaries, multiple TV shows and an IMAX on then Great Bear Rainforest that was filmed in the gorgeous Island of the north Coast from the tip of Vancouver Island to Prince Rupert. 

We always bring 2 drones and 2 camera systems while on set for complete redundancy, a generator, an array of wide angle to telephoto lenses and the desire to create the most cinematic shots and exciting shots.

drone filming movie vancouver island

Why bring your Production to Vancouver Island?

Tax incentives https://www.filmvictoria.com/tax-incentives-2/

Brief Overview of the Film Incentive BC Program (FIBC)

  • 28% of qualified BC labour expenditures – basic PSTC tax credit (35% domestic)
  • Plus 6% of qualified BC labour expenditures – regional tax credit (12.5% domestic)
  • Plus 6% of qualified BC labour expenditures – distant regional tax credit
  • Plus 16% tax credit for digital animation or visual effects when you post in BC

Digital Animation or Visual Effects Tax Credit (DAVE)

For a detailed description and eligibility criteria of the Provincial tax credits, go to Creative BC or contact by phone (604-736-7997) or email.

Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office (CAVCO)

Plus 16% of Canadian Labour Costs

The Canadian Federal Government’s Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit (PSTC) is primarily for foreign production and is 16% of Canadian labour costs.

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