OK Go’s Latest Music Video Masterpiece Shows The Power of Drones in Video

From Fstoppers:

OK Go has developed a name for themselves as making some of the most iconic and creative music videos over the last ten years. In their latest music video, released today, OK Go shows off a cleverly scripted video using motorized unicycles, umbrellas, and a single take video mounted on a drone. You need to watch this deliciously clever video with an equally catchy song to back it.

One can’t help but think the title of this track, “Won’t Let You Down” is a perfect way to describe the music video accompanying it. With incredibly smooth video work (to the point where it almost feels CGI at times), OK Go has been able to up the ante once again with their latest music video. Pairing those transitions with a simple and charming concept, results in one of the best music videos I’ve ever seen.

Perhaps videos like the one above are a prime example for the US Government to show the positive uses of video mounted drones. With a raging battle aiming to block them from the general public, it’s up to us to show what positive productions can come from the use of drones in videography. With the right talent, and a clever concept, nothing is stopping the average videographer to create spectacular videos like the one shown above.

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Devin Card