Update: 4K UHD Video, Aerial Video stock and new pricing for 2015

Just wanted to share news from 2014/15 changes with Aerial Vista Productions. We have added another drone (UAV) helicopter to the fleet that shoots 4K (Ultra High Definition) and is super portable and easy to setup. This machine locks on to GPS like no other for perfect panoramics (photo or video) and can be used for super smooth dolly or jib raises (no dragging around wasting time setting up your dolly shoot: just run and gun with us). This system is perfect for quick location changes and back country work!
Our prices have changed allowing for more affordable options and a minimum booking time of just 3 hours for $600 in the Vancouver Island region.
As well, after numerous requests we have started compiling different genres of aerial video stock that we can sell for B-roll in your advertising or marketing campaigns: http://4k.airstoc.com/
The prices for stock footage is $2-400. if you have any stock request you don’t see, let us know and we will try and incorporate them into future shoots.
As well, you should know we have the special Open Blanket SFOC from Transport Canada which allows us to fly with just two days email notice!

Hope all is well! Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure!

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Devin Card